The 10 Best Games For New Gamers

You can only save one, and you’ve got to make time for completing objectives as well. This gives Horrified an edge, making victory all the sweeter. With that in mind, Hey, That’s My Fish is a clever exercise in forward-thinking and cunning plans. But we find the payoff more than worthwhile, especially if you want to play something quick yet tactical. While the likes of Catan rely on your rivals feeling generous, 7 Wonders Duel uses a system where you have to pay the bank extra for a resource depending on how much of it your opponent has. If you play your cards right , this is just one more method of wearing your rival down.

But there’s something cathartic about giving a pandemic the boot – even if it’s only in this tabletop world of tokens and cards. That’s why we’d recommend it over spin-offs such as Pandemic World of Warcraft. Have you ever wondered how long you’d last as a horror movie character?

That’s a lot to juggle, and it leaves us with one of the most satisfying co-op games we’ve played in recent years. A lot of that comes down to straightforward gameplay – at its core, this is a more involved version of Snap. While you are matching symbols, these cards are littered with pictures of various sizes to make that job harder. Spotting and yelling out a match before anyone else can is immensely satisfying no matter your age.

The exception to this is if you’re holding an 8 which can be played on anything. Anyone playing an 8 also gets to name what suit the next player must play. Players are each dealt 5 cards unless there are only 2 players in which case they each get 7. The rest of the cards are laced face down as the draw deck. The aim is to be the first player to get rid of all your cards.

That means you won’t mind playing round after round, especially because Sushi Go’s gameplay is so moreish. Although quiz-style questions are posed, there’s no ‘right’ answer – instead, your aim is to be in the majority by writing down what you think most people around the room will say. It’s a superb icebreaker due to this, and family-members that don’t like being put on the spot can take comfort from strength in numbers. Even though it whisks us back to an ancient world of pyramids and antiquity, this two-player board game doesn’t feel old-fashioned. Rather, it’s a nimble and laser-focused strategy that keeps hold of what made the original 7 Wonders so good whilst updating its gameplay for two players. Move over, Monopoly; the industry has grown way beyond those humble beginnings, and these board games for adults will have you hooked.

The main selling point of this puzzle game, from Graceful Decay and Annapurna Interactive, is its distinctive graphics, which depict a world that is simultaneously tiny and huge. Players must interact with maquettes of the main character’s memory, solving puzzles as they go by rearranging objects. The focus is entirely on these immersive sets, with the story told only by voice and text.

Combine the best elements of poker, bingo, add a board and throw in a large dose of strategy. The result is Sequence, a classic game that’s a whole lotta fun. While there is a travel version, we’d recommend the standard version instead.

But you then need to create ways to transport the gems, pay jewellers to cut and polish them, and also buy shops where you can sell them. Develop your cards, collect the gem chips, and watch your wealth soar. With wealth you can then attract nobles who provide you with the prestige – and points – to win the game.

Beware though, if you’re a sushi lover you’ll definitely be craving your favourite sushi roll after playing. Each player starts the game with 4 action cards and a diffuse card. The remainder of the deck is placed face down in the middle of the table and players take turns to draw cards from it. This version of the classic game Top Trumps is conveniently travel themed. Not only will you have great fun out trumping everyone, you’ll also learn a few facts that might help you win a pub quiz one day.

Players take it in turns to discard 1 or more cards face down into a central pile. So player 1 must put down aces, moving to kings for the next player, then queens and so on. The aim of Chase the Ace is to avoid having the lowest card at the end of each round. Play starts with the dealer dealing out a single card face down to each player including themselves. It´s based on the same premise but takes it to another level by adding an extra suit and a roving wild card. Probably the least politically correct card game ever invented.