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Nonetheless, there are areas from which future developments are likely to come. As noted above, quality personalized wooden puzzles are gaining in popularity. Ayer & Co. has developed novel pc-controlled water jets to automate the slicing of wooden puzzles. One new sort of puzzle takes two-dimensional jigsaw puzzles and transforms them into three-dimensional puzzles. These puzzles function die minimize pieces which, when assembled, form a three dimensional sculpture.

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This method is so novel it has been granted a United States patent (U.S. Patent # ). Lastly, jigsaw puzzles of the long run could also be electronic without both cardboard or wooden. These virtual puzzles are constructed by laptop, and exist only on monitor screens.

This permits intricate cuts to be made, which take out little or no wood, so the puzzles fit together properly. It also leaves a very smooth edge surface, with only a minimum of chipping and fuzzing … Read More