Sex Toy Design From Another Angle

The photo above illustrates a toddler seeing the world from the height of an insect by the use of cameras on her palms linked to screens inside her helmet. There is another for a giraffe, that permits a toddler to see, speak and listen to up on the height of a giraffe.

Toys design

On the opposite hand, the concepts haven’t been mass produced, and subsequently are not accessible to children who usually are not lucky enough to visit MoMA or take part in any of Chris’s workshop. Alternatively, as considered one of my students identified, the plans and instructions have not been released to the general public who may wish to recreate these play experiences for themselves, if lucky sufficient to have the skills and materials available. Exhibit B – are Animal Superpowers, an incredible project by Chris Woebken, who I met randomly in New York, who made a collection of … Read More