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Upgraded for PS5.Whether they’re already part of your library or you’re jumping in for the first time, these PS4 games can be upgraded into PS5 versions that have major enhancements. Game boost.The PS5 console’s Game Boost technology gives PS4 games access to more power. Enjoy faster and smoother frame rates in some of the PS4 console’s greatest games. Iain originally joined Future in 2012 to write guides for CVG, PSM3, and Xbox World, before moving on to join GamesRadar in 2013 as Guides Editor. His words have also appeared in OPM, OXM, PC Gamer, GamesMaster, and SFX.

I don’t see how it can possibly live up to this much hype. Though that’s partly unfair bc/ any game relasing soon will ahev to live up to God of WAr adn RDR2, and neither Spiderman nor LAra Croft could hardly get a mention during the Game Awards. And if Death stranding releses any time near TLoU2 in the next two years it will ahev that comparison to deal with as well.

What new PS4 games release dates in 2022 are coming up? We’ve got you covered with a full list of 2022 PlayStation 4 release dates. As is always the case, we’ll be updating this article throughout the year, refreshing it with new titles so you can always be clear which new PS4 games are on the horizon. While it’s true that Sony’s previous gen console has now been replaced in mindshare by the PS5, there are still a surprising number of new titles on the way.

We’re obsessed with designing, developing and supporting the world’s most spectacular digital entertainment, and it’s this focus that has put us among the world’s top studios. Great ideas don’t always strike in the obvious places, so our studio is laid out to allow creativity to be released wherever and however it decides to appear. The Xbox series X has been on and off the shelves since November 2020 and now that stock availability is starting to return, there’s never been a better time to pick up some The fact that almost a decade on PS4 is still getting all these high profile releases over the course of the next few years shows how great of a console it truly is. I have a 5 now but if I was still stuck with the 4 then I would still be happy.

Based on the core Batman license, experience a unique, dark and atmospheric adventure that will take you to the depths of Arkham Asylum. Move in the shadows, instigate fear amongst your enemies and confront the Joker and Gotham City’s most notorious villains who have taken over the asylum. Use a wide range of Batman gadgets and abilities as you become the invisible predator and attempt to foil the Joker’s demented scheme. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the GooglePrivacy policyandTerms of serviceapply. Hot off the press or a freshly shrink-wrapped box, nothing is quite like the anticipation of a new game arriving.

Namely Dragon quest XI and I preordered Hollow Knight. @Fight_Teza_Fight Actually no, @Quintumply is correct. Shadow of the Colossus is coming really soon, this is day one.