Children’s Creativity Can be Developed by Playing

Playing provides fun for children, because it can help children’s growth and development both in terms of the development of children’s gross and smooth muscles as well as improving children’s reasoning, and understanding the meaning of their environment, forming children’s imagination and developing creativity. creativity is an experience in expressing and actualizing individual identities in an integrated form between the relationships of oneself, nature, and others. Creativity is an expression often given to people who can create new ideas or ideas. Especially for early childhood who are curious, always create something according to their wishes and imagination.
Children directly observe the environment in the play area around them, children can interact directly with their environment because by playing children can find other people’s environments, and find themselves so that children can socialize with the environment, children can respect others, be considerate of others, please help fellow friends, and more importantly, children can find new experiences in these activities. Playing can motivate children to know everything more deeply through simple experiments. During play, children have the opportunity to express everything they feel and think. Through playing, children are actually practicing the skills they have directly because with practice children will get unique experiences that can build their knowledge. Children get satisfaction in playing because they indirectly develop themselves.
Children’s creativity can be developed in the following ways:
Playing is the beginning of the development of creativity because, in fun activities, children can express their imagination freely, therefore play activities can be used as a basis for developing children’s creativity.
Right Brain Skills Training
To train the right-brain skills, the method is to invite children to sing, poetry, draw, and various other creative activities, so that the right brain’s ability can work more optimally. In general, in school children will be more likely to use the left brain, and if the ability of the right and left brain can work properly and in a balanced way, then children will not only have the opportunity to get achievements in academics but can achieve achievements in other fields, for example, the arts.
Get creative every day
In order for children to be creative, we can teach them by drawing, folding paper, playing games, playing puzzles, playing educational games, singing, telling stories, and much more.
Give Children New Experiences
To provide new experiences to children; Give him special time by taking him to places he has never visited, such as museums, zoos, and recreational parks. These new things can increase or stimulate the child’s imagination so that the child’s creativity increases.
Improve Vocabulary in Children
To improve children’s vocabulary, it can be through reading, storytelling, telling experiences, question and answer, singing, and other activities, because the higher the children’s vocabulary, the easier a child will understand something.
Practicing Children’s Listening Ability
To practice children’s listening skills, you can use a tape recorder and a loudspeaker. These tools can be used to train children’s listening skills. In order for the child’s sense of hearing to be properly trained, it is better if we often invite children to listen to songs, stories, then ask about the things contained in the song or story, you can also learn English if the child’s age is adequate.