The 10 Best Games For New Gamers

You can only save one, and you’ve got to make time for completing objectives as well. This gives Horrified an edge, making victory all the sweeter. With that in mind, Hey, That’s My Fish is a clever exercise in forward-thinking and cunning plans. But we find the payoff more than worthwhile, especially if you want to play something quick yet tactical. While the likes of Catan rely on your rivals feeling generous, 7 Wonders Duel uses a system where you have to pay the bank extra for a resource depending on how much of it your opponent has. If you play your cards right , this is just one more method of wearing your rival down.

But there’s something cathartic about giving a pandemic the boot – even if it’s only in this tabletop world of tokens and cards. That’s why we’d recommend it over spin-offs such as Pandemic World … Read More