Fun Kids Game Ouch! Shows Candyland How Randomness Should Work in Games

Ouch! is a silly little small-box game for younger players, ages five and up, that combines the kind of funny elements that can keep a child’s attention with an actual game, although one that happens to be very luck-based.

In Ouch!, players will choose one of four cards from a central display and flip it over to see if they get to add the flowers depicted on the card to their collection. Flowers come in four different colors, and a card can show anywhere from one to three flowers on it. The twist is that you have to pick up the card by one of the four edges when you flip it, because some of the edges on the other side have cacti along them. If the edge where your fingers are has nothing on it, you get to keep the card. If that edge has a cactus

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Learning and Educational Toys Market Size to Grow by $81,295.2 million | Increasing Demand for Smart Toys to Boost Market Growth | 340 Pages

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The state-of-the-art research on Learning and Educational Toys Market, which is a detailed analysis of business space inclusive of the current market trends,

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Rays offer free meals for kids during games through August

BALTIMORE — The Rays announced a family-friendly initiative, offering free meals for kids 14 and under at home games through the end of August.

The program, which launches with Friday’s game against Cleveland, provides each kid with a small hot dog, small fountain drink, chips and Hi-Chew candy, which is sponsoring the program.

“Our goal is to provide a family-friendly ballpark experience and ensure that everyone can enjoy a Rays game at Tropicana Field,” Rays chief business officer Bill Walsh said in a statement. “We hope our Kids Eat Free program allows families to come together and experience the magic of Rays Baseball, while alleviating some of the stress that is often associated with attending a large event.”

Per the Rays, this is how the program works:

“The free meal is available exclusively via mobile ordering on the MLB Ballpark app at three concession locations throughout the ballpark: Whoa Doggy’s

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Sports Port makes Ann Arbor YMCA mobile for games, snacks at local parks

WASHTENAW COUNTY, MI — Sports Port, an Ann Arbor YMCA program, brings the fun to local children with snacks and sports.

Sports Port has served 2,604 kids in its four years of the program’s existence. The program makes the Y mobile, giving it access to kids in places that might not have access to the Y.

The program provides equipment and games Monday through Friday at Ann Arbor area apartment complexes, libraries and parks, where Ann Arbor YMCA staff lead sports with kids, like basketball, flag football, soccer, lacrosse, floor hockey and disc golf for an hour. They then spend 30 minutes providing children with healthy snacks.

“Before COVID we would make snacks, but since COVID we went to pre-packaged snacks so we keep hands from touching stuff,” said Jermaine Wells, Sports Port director. “We spread awareness to kids to eat your fruits and vegetables,”

Wells who is from inner-city

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11 Steps to Using a Valorant Boosting Platform Effectively

When you need a boost, you want to find the right person and place where you’ll get one easily. But there are things you can do to turn your experience into a total win or disappointment. We’ll focus on the first-case scenario today.

There are 11 essential steps you need to do to use a Valorant boosting properly, getting the most out of your cooperation. From goal-setting to special features in your account, we’re going to guide you through the process with

1. Set Clear Goals

Decide what you want to achieve by boosting. Do you want to reach a new level of Gold? Or maybe you’re way past that and need help with a particular fight. Think about the main problem you have with the game at the moment. 

Describe it to yourself and determine your weaknesses. While you self-reflect and work on skill improvement, a booster achieves

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