Arcade Games At Coral Island

Join us Thursday through Sunday for all you can play arcades, pinball and other attractions from across gaming history. Liberty games offers a finder service for all aspects of games room equipment. Quiz machines are popular, entertaining installs in pubs & social clubs, with secure coin mechanisms. We stock the fastest driving games in history, including SEGA Rally, Chase HQ, Need For Speed & more.

In Practice mode guests race against one or more cars by selecting one of four tracks and racing a number of laps. Or they can choose Championship mode, where they will race an equal number of laps per course and each successive track becomes more difficult. All in all, if you’re the biggest Ferrari fan in the world and lack the funds to buy the real car, go ahead and rent this driving game. This is not just a game for hire, this is a driving simulator for hire. All our pinball machines are individual to their theme.

Arcade machine games have been a popular form of entertainment for decades. From the first arcade game system to today’s smartphones, video-game culture is everywhere! Stressful city centre driving and expensive places to park are not part of the Home Leisure Direct experience.

There are no coins required, just click the start button and start to play.

This Space Invaders 2-player arcade cabinet is the perfect addition to any gamer’s life. The sleek, stylish design fits into even the most modern… This Star Wars 2-player arcade cabinet is the perfect addition to any gamer’s life. The sleek, stylish design fits into even the most modern of h…

So we’ve but together this handy buyers guide with the most common questions we get asked. A tiny — and specialist — arcade, Novelty Automation’s a passion project by British engineer, cartoonist, writer, and inventor, Tim Hunkin. The majority of the homemade arcade machines in the collection are made by him, with a few featured machines from guest inventors. Offer free plays, prizes or gifts as rewards for the best players.

We believe visiting us will be the most fun showroom visit you will ever have. These incredible games centres are aimed at homes, and are packed with classic arcade hits and iconic titles. Simply scroll through the game list, find your favourite and load it up! They’re convenient, compact and with thousands of games present on some models, they’ll keep you busy for years to come. We are bringing back all your classic arcade favourites in our retro arcade gaming experience! Take on the ghosts again in Pacman, jump the barrels with Donkey Kong and take down the aliens in Space Invaders – no coins required.

However, in recent years there has been a resurgence in arcade gaming. With the release of games like Dance Dance Revolution and Pac-Man Championship Edition, arcades are once again becoming popular destinations for gamers young and old. Yes all arcade machines use an IEC socket and provided cable. They will plug into any household socket using the same style cable as a computer. This really depends on what sort of gaming experience you want.