7 Real World Locations that Might Remind You of Video Games

Wonderful cities, historical sites and stunning scenery are some things the world has to offer. Sadly, in one lifetime, there’s no way to see it all. Unless you’re playing a bunch of video games, of course. Different destinations might remind you of video games. It could even be your residential area! Having said that, please check reviewsbird.co.uk for customer feedback on house rentals companies.

Check out these 7 real locations that are found in video games.

1.     Washington, DC – the Lincoln Memorial in Fallout 3

Have you ever imagined what a post-apocalyptic nuclear wasteland will look like somewhere in the US? If you played Fallout 3, you’d know it can only be Washington DC. Throughout the game, famous DC landmarks such as the Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument and the Capitol Building can be found in ruins.

2.     Manchester, England – Cathedral in Resistance: Fall of Man

It doesn’t seem like a likely environment for a first-person shooter at Manchester Cathedral, but that didn’t discourage Sony. The use of the inside of Manchester Cathedral was the subject of some debate, but it contributed to an increase in tourism from the teens who played the game.

3.     Rome, Italy – Roman Colosseum in Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood

Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood offers players the incredible chance to experience the Roman Colosseum at its finest. So, when you eventually visit the Roman Colosseum, you can consider it your second time.

4.     African Wilderness – Far Cry 2

Africa is one of the world’s most magnificent continents and includes not just a multitude of historically important places (including the birthplace of humankind), but also a life-rich and vibrant natural setting. If you happen to be a game player and you go on safari, the wilderness should remind you of Far Cry 2. In Far Cry 2, there may not be any specific landmarks, but the developers portrayed the African Wilderness well.

5.     Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan – Kabukicho District in Yakuza

Shinjuku Kabukicho in Tokyo is renowned for its business and pleasure as it is full of guest bars, supermarkets and nightclubs. Don Quixote, featured in the Yakuza games, is one of the most remarkable shopping outlets in the city. It’s a red-light region so it’s natural to find it in a game series about Japanese gangsters.

6.     Phang Nga Bay, Thailand – Ko Tapu Islands in Tomb Raider Underworld

Many areas of the world have been visited by Lara Croft, uncovering long-forgotten mysteries and treasures in fictional tombs. If you are like Lara Croft, going to different places for exploration, especially for mysteries, seeing the Ko Tapu Islands in Thailand should not be an actual “new experience”.

7.     Brooklyn Bridge, New York – Broker bridge in Grand Theft Auto IV

The Broker Bridge in GTA is modelled after the NYC Bridge. In reality, many of the places players will visit in the “Liberty City” of GTA IV closely resemble real-life locations in New York City, including the Chrysler Building, Times Square, Battery Park, Hearst Tower, JFK Airport and much more.

Many games use fictional places for their setting, but some video games do the exact opposite as you’ve discovered in this article.