5 best horror video games of all time

There are many genres of games and one of the genres that many people have come to love is horror games. Gamers are mostly adventurous and hence, enjoy trying out different genres of games including horror. Even though horror games are not for the faint-hearted as it could affect a person’s psychology if they are not used to horror films or who might find the content gory.

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Resident Evil 4

The game which was released in the year 2005 is one of the best horror video games around. It is of the survival-horror genre. The player is expected to save the daughter of the President from kidnappers. However, the player finds himself in a village where infected crazed villagers surround him. The player has to come up with their reaction and escape plan as there is o guide to follow. If you attempt to flee, you would be cornered swiftly and defeated. It features a full 3D environment and one of the horrific parts of the game is the uncertainty you feel as you listen to the long narrative of the game that prepares you for your journey.

Silent Hill 2

The game was released in 2001. It has a simple story. A man who lost his life gets a letter from the dead wife requesting a meeting in their special place. As opposed to most horror games, you don’t have to fight demons and monsters. However, there are many of them in the background as the man journeys to the off-shore hotel as requested by the dead wife. The player will find the truth even though the real aim of the game will be waking up from the nightmare.

Pathologic 2

Few horror games will give you the type of chills that you will get from playing Pathologic 2. The game was released in 2019 by Ice-Pick Lodge in Russia. and features creativity that was able to bottle desperation and despair in a way that only a few other games were able to achieve. The game leaves you in a situation where you have to choose between what to keep and what to peddle as you fight to stay alive. The dreamlike, theatrical, nightmarish, and overpowering styles are unique and look real. However, it might take you some time to get used to.


Though released in 1993, the game is one of the best horror video games that were ever developed. The game from ID Software starts with an ominous metal riff that creates a distinctive type of intensity. The player has to sprint through deadly ooze, fight human bodies corrupted by demons and move through cold corridors. The game features several secret rooms that contain precious items. The game features graphic violence and beyond that requires you to move as fast as you can to keep yourself alive. This doesn’t mean you can’t be discombobulated the next second.


The game requires you to move within a dark house and listen to tapes. The game attempts to tap into the terror virtually every child feels where they are scared to be alone in the dark at night. The sounds from the room give you the impression that there is no safe place. You get screen messages informing you of where tapes are and the messages from the tape contribute to the horror nature of the game.